Online Casino – Does It Destroy the Texture of US Underage Society?


Donald Trump runs the government which has still a 19 trillion dollars deficit. This burden must warn US citizens. Well, the online gaming industry is nourished under the care of big bosses in US administration. The effectiveness of UIGEA rule has not prevented the business tycoons from investing in game parlors online.US underage communities visit the local gaming houses and casinos online to put bunches of dollars. It jeopardizes their future. Is online game detrimental to juvenile society in America? The debate is hot and controversial. Omar Mateen, a reckless terrorist, was addicted to gambling. He was a young US-based insurgent. His contribution to society brings a negative impact to pollute the texture of underage society in America. Who is responsible – government or citizens?

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The strategic war seems to be smell regarding online card game. Is it really the best objective of the US government to stop card game? Around the world, online games play by over 1 million people. The young generation concentrates on other platforms like drug addiction, risky horse-racing, and crime. They are a maniac and violent because of the least obstruction to put them on the right track. card  is a simple online game. Players have to practice for winning. They don’t hide their game plans and strategies. Many intellectuals confirm that the US higher authority wants to resist the investment from foreign countries to protect the domestic casinos. Rivalry and competition will minimize. Local gamblers will have the supremacy.

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If the US administration suffers from the backlash of financial deficit and debt, they have to increase taxes to collect funds from the online casinos. The American government will be able to regulate internet-based gaming parlors as well. It will be a profitable option for the US government to earn a million dollars from game. The new law can empower the guardians of children to block online game sites for safety. Children will not allow to join the game rooms. Betting agents have to modify the sites so that the online verification will be tough for kids.US government has to be a good mentor with bright plans to reshape the society without discrepancies.


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