No Complication for the Perfect Live Poker Deals


Online poker has a number of major advantages over live. The most obvious advantages are that you can play from your own house. Prepare your own food and when you play online there is always a game to be found.

You can also:

Use a good table selection thanks to the many available games on the various sites.

You can choose the best games and determine your hours yourself.

You can play almost any limit you want.

The biggest advantage of playing online compared to playing live is that you have the ability to multi-table.

You can play more hands per hour than on a single table. You can also play as many tables as you want.

Rakeback means that you will receive a percentage of the total rake. It is you have paid and often this varies from 20% -30%.

Rakeback can provide a large part of your monthly profit and can therefore not be ignored. Sites such as Stars do not offer a rakeback. But their loyalty program and associated bonuses are basically comparable.


Play live: The benefits

However, playing live also has a number of advantages.

Live game is a social activity for many people. People like to go to the casino during the day or in the evening to play.

These people know the game and probably beat their friends in the home games. But they are not necessarily very good either.

In brief:

The social aspect of live game ensures that the games are softer. This is compared to the same limit for online game.

The percentage of players who play game for pleasure is greater at casinos.

While the online games are extremely aggressive, the live games are generally much more passive and straighter forward.

It is therefore much easier to make a profit with live game.

The social atmosphere that attracts weaker players also has advantages in another area:

With a nice group of players it doesn’t feel like you’re at work.

You play game, talk about sports and other hilarious stories, while the atmosphere resembles a clubhouse.



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